Press Release Arena – Deal Update First 4 Months 2017

During the first 4 months of 2017, Arena successfully arranged, structured and closed for its investor client base the acquisition of 11 aircraft with a total market value of approximately US$ 275 Mio.

Of these, three Boeing 737-900 aircraft on lease to KLM were acquired from Apollo Aviation on January 30th. Six Airbus A330-300 aircraft on lease to Cathay Pacific that were sold by DVB Asset Management on March 30th. In addition, two Airbus A330-200’s on lease to SN Brussels were purchased from Castlelake on April 26th.

The aircraft with their associated leases will continue to be managed by Arena. Arena also arranged and structured the debt financing provided by Credit Industriel et Commercial for the three KLM aircraft and two of the Cathay A330-300’s, and by another major European aviation bank for the other four A330 aircraft.

Other activities included the repossession and remarketing to Avion Express of one A320-200 and the sale of one A330-300 for part-out.

These deals demonstrate our growing market presence as a full-service aircraft investment manager, but also our ability to successfully execute on specific investment strategies of our customers. We are also very pleased with adding more aircraft on lease to high profile airlines like SN Brussels, Cathay and KLM in our portfolio”, says Patrick den Elzen, Arena Managing Director and Founding Partner.

About Arena:

Arena is a full-service Aircraft Investment Management company focusing on the complete life cycle of acquiring and leasing used commercial aviation assets, servicing investment and airline customers worldwide and providing services including the origination, financing, risk management, and administration (finance/accounting and legal) of commercial aviation assets. Arena also provides pre-packaged tailor-made solutions for airline customers for their mid and end-of-life assets. Arena today manages 30 aircraft leased to airlines worldwide for customers in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

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